Sunday, August 23, 2015

From where can I get content to share

One of the most goals in content marketing is engage.
Make more visits and returning hits.
All of we have social community account and want to get more visitors on it.
Once I was asked Where can I get find content to engage visitors?

Get your interest and find from the category, post it with good humor. Do not beg and self promote. Suppose you get car picture place it and write why this car picture is in your post.

We have many car brands picture, tel two three line story and include people involved with that car.
10 cars you should not buy.
5 things you check before choosing Ford car.
Whatever you are going to share do not forget to mention it in little words. Do not write story but make it suspense so people will try to find it out buy clicking your link posted there.
 Because you have not own contents or stories to bring traffic choose from given below and put your words.

Images can be shared easily than any text or story, images catch eyes and then people show interest on reading it.

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